Secondary Funding
Nivalion assumes litigation portfolios of companies and conducts co-funding operations worldwide.

Secondary funding

Extensive legal cases regularly tie up significant resources in companies, create the need for provisioning and impede the realisation of entrepreneurial opportunities.
We analyse our corporate clients’ litigation portfolios on their behalf, assume costs already incurred on proceedings and those in the offing, and monetarise contested claims at various stages of the proceedings. Thus, we make additional liquidity available to companies over and above bearing the costs of proceedings – which in turn can be used for routine operations. Companies are consequently provided with financial resources that would otherwise only be available once the proceedings are successfully concluded – or not at all if they lose the lawsuit. As in classical litigation funding, we also assume the financial risk of defeat specific to the proceedings in question

As co-funders, we are involved at an international level in substantive proceedings of litigation financiers with global operations, increasing their risk-bearing capacity, particularly in the area of investment arbitration or cartel damage claims.
This also involves us assuming full or partial portfolios of ongoing, financed proceedings and assisting our partners to smooth out existing volatilities – providing the necessary resources to tap new litigation funding markets.