Direct Funding
Nivalion assumes the financial risks of litigation and arbitration proceedings in Continental Europe.

Direct funding

We support plaintiffs in the judicial enforcement of their claims with disputed minimum amounts of CHF 7.5 million (or the equivalent value in other currencies) by assuming all costs of litigation and arbitration proceedings in numerous countries across Continental Europe, for a success-based fee.
We focus, in particular, on international arbitration proceedings, and finance disputes in accordance with all important rules of arbitration (e.g. SCAI, VIAC, DIS, ICC, ICSID, LCIA, SIAC, UNCITRAL). Claims with a disputed minimum below this threshold are supported upon request.
Litigation funding is offered for legal disputes with good prospects of success that are directed against solvent counterparties and for which the plaintiff has usually already appointed a team of experienced legal counsels acting independently of Nivalion to prepare and manage the lawsuit.

We fund proceedings from diverse legal domains, such as corporate law, real estate law, intellectual property, banking and insurance law, investment protection law, cartel damage compensation or insolvency law – both for companies and for individuals.
In close consultation with the plaintiffs’ legal counsels, we examine carefully whether and how the existing claims can be successfully enforced and executed, and draw up a tailor-made funding structure for the plaintiff. This involves us assuming and bearing the financial risks of the proceedings without limitation and partaking of the outcome of the proceedings actually achieved by the plaintiff. We strive for a fair reconciliation of interests between our clients and ourselves on the basis of a joint risk assessment.
The management of the respective proceedings is exclusively in the hands of the legal team appointed by the plaintiff. We observe a strict demarcation of roles and support the independence of legal counsels: we do not manage proceedings, but confine ourselves to funding them.