Nivalion is a leading European provider of third-party funding for litigation and arbitration proceedings operating from offices in Zug/Switzerland and Munich.
Our interdisciplinary team develops tailor-made solutions for our clients, enabling them to manage the financial risks of legal disputes efficiently and over the long term – in numerous jurisdictions across Europe and at every stage of litigation.
Our wealth of experience and expertise derives from financing hundreds of national and international proceedings from the most diverse legal domains. This enables us to address the needs of our clients at all times and to make swift funding decisions.
Because of our financial resources, we are amongst the most financially robust litigation funders in Europe. We are thus in a position to provide our clients with the necessary resources for the management of proceedings quickly and reliably at all times.

Nivalion is the only Continental European member of the Association of Litigation Funders of England and Wales till date. The Association acts as the self-regulating body of leading international litigation funders and is constantly developing «best practices» in the domain of litigation funding with the aim of improving its deployment and application. The Code of Conduct, developed in 2011 and published by the Civil Justice Council, is a pivotal document to which members of the Association are committed. It defines the standards and the quality requirements of the members with regard to capital resources, obligations as financiers and role demarcation while cooperating with the legal counsels managing the respective cases.


At invitation of the german judges academy, Claudia Boysen will speak on 31 January 2019 on the topic of «Third-party litigation funding and the deal with the law».

At invitation of Hamilton, one of Sweden’s leading law firms, Nivalion’s Managing Partner Marcel Wegmüller will speak on 31 January 2019 on the topic of “Third-party litigation funding – what’s next and how will it impact corporates?“

On 9 January 2019 Nivalion’s Managing Partner, Marcel Wegmüller, will speak on the topic of  litigation funding on the occasion of the conference of the «Università della Svizzera italiana» and the «Università di Torino».

At invitation of the Danish Arbitration Association, Nivalion’s Managing Partner Marcel Wegmüller provided an insight into the practices of financing arbitration cases on 22 November 2018.

Nivalion’s Managing Partner Thomas Kohlmeier spoke on the topic of „class actions” from a litigiation funders’s point of view on the occasion of this year’s autumn meeting of „Bucerius Center on the Legal Profession”.

On 14 November 2018 the Nivalion Evening-Conference took place in Zurich. The speakers Prof. Dr. Ulrich Haas, Dr. Martin Bernet, Dr. Isabelle Berger-Steiner and Marcel Wegmüller provided an insight into the current trends and developments in the field of litigation funding.

Nivalion’s Head of Litigation & Arbitration, Isabelle Berger, was part of the expert panel at the CIVPRO Event of 7 September 2018 on the topic «lis pendens».

Nivalion supported the Vienna Arbitration Days 2018 as a sponsor. The leading arbitration conference took place in Vienna on the 19th/20th January 2018.

Nivalion’s Managing Partner Marcel Wegmüller spoke on the topic of „Third Party Funding in International Arbitration“ on the occasion of the 12th Hanover PreMoot on the 15th of February 2018.

Nivalion’s Managing Partner Thomas Kohlmeier spoke on the topic of „Predictive Analysis und Litigation Funding “ on the occasion of the Berlin Legal Tech 2018 on the 23th February 2018.

Nivalion’s Managing Partner Thomas Kohlmeier spoke on the topic of “The Rise of Litigation Finance” on the occasion of the ILEX Spring Event at the Wirtschaftsclub Düsseldorf on April 19th, 2018. ILEX stands for International Litigation Exchange, an initiative of German lawyers dealing with cross-border litigation.

Daniel Bill, Director Litigation Funding and Marcel Wegmüller, Managing Partner of Nivalion AG spoke on the occasion of the Zurich Bar Association‘s educational training event on June 6th, 2018 in Zurich on the topic “Litigation funding in practice: What do lawyers and clients need to know?”

Nivalion supported the joint event organized by the German Institution of Arbitration (DIS) and the DisputeResolution magazine in Frankfurt on the 18th April 2018 on the topic „Konflikt & Lösung – Konfliktbeilegung und Schiedsverfahren für und von Unternehmensjuristen“.


Thomas Kohlmeier is the author of the article «Litigation Funding and Predictive Analytics». The article is part of the handbook  «Legal Tech – A Practitioner’s Guide», which illustrates the current state as well as future developments of the digital transformation on the legal market.

Marcel Wegmüller is the author of two articles in Switzerland and Austria in «Getting the Deal Through: Litigation Funding 2018», a comprehensive study of the worldwide practice of litigation funding.

Marcel Wegmüller ist the author of an article in „The Third Party Litigation Funding Law Review“, a legal analysis covering the principal centres of today’s third party funding practice.

Daniel Bill wrote in “TREUHAND kompakt” about the basics and the practice of litigation funding. Further he illuminates litigation funding as an opportune tool for corporate financing.


«Over the years, we at Boehmert & Boehmert have done some excellent work with Thomas Kohlmeier and his team in the area of complex copyright disputes, and we look forward to many more joint projects.»

RA Prof. Dr. Christian Czychowski

Lawyer, Boehmert & Boehmert, Berlin

«We enjoy working regularly with Nivalion AG on important German and international arbitration proceedings.»

RA Dr. Alexander Kröck

Partner, Kantenwein Zimmermann Fox Kröck, Munich